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Our forwarding services in Kirchdorf and internationally

Bayernsped Internationale Speditions GmbH from Kirchdorf can claim to have an answer and a suitable option ready at all times for all tasks and duties imposed on us. Regardless of whether we are transporting medical products, refrigerated goods or hazardous goods, we find an individual solution for every customer and every transport. Your satisfaction is always the focus of our efforts with every order. Please feel free to contact us.

Our transports for you

Bayernsped Internationale Speditions GmbH from Kirchdorf takes care of both national and international transport of various goods for you. Take a closer look at our offer below.

Medicines and medicines under GDP

We take care of the proper transport of medicines and medicines according to GDP for our customers. This transport requires special handling. Finally, it is important that the medication is sent properly so that the effect of the medication is not impaired. You should also seek advice regarding the transport of medication that requires a cold chain.

Food, fruits and vegetables

Food such as fruit and vegetables must also reach the recipient undamaged and in the best quality. Our customers can only sell their goods if this is guaranteed. It is best to get advice from our freight forwarders regarding the transport of fresh food.

Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods are frequently used and transported just as frequently in a highly industrialized society. During transport, it is important to protect the lives and health of people and animals. Dangers to the environment must also be ruled out. For this reason, an international set of regulations was created specifically for the transport of dangerous goods to ensure safe transport. Please let our experts advise you.

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